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Donghwan Kim (Tom)

CEO of KoMa Media




Date of Birth:

December 5 1990

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About Me and KoMa Media

Hello Everyone!

Koreatown Marketing: As the name suggests, it's a company established to support Koreatown/Korean community. Why? During the COVID-19 season, many Korean businesses closed their doors because nobody was coming out to eat, and I witnessed several owner friends having to close down. It was so disappointing and sad. They had put in so much effort to create amazing stores and delicious menus, only to have to shut down just because people didn't know about their unique menus. So, I helped some owner friends out. Even though I didn't major in marketing back then, I promoted their food through Facebook/Instagram to my closest friends, and whenever a friend ordered food, I would deliver it! That's how the businesses started to thrive again, and they're still doing well to this day.

That's when I made up my mind! I decided to support many businesses in the Korean community! I started studying marketing and began working without pay. It was incredibly tough doing everything alone, from shooting ads to designing, customer service, feedback, editing, etc., but every time I put effort into marketing, I saw people coming to the stores and sales increasing. I worked so hard, sometimes only getting 4 hours of sleep a day! Fortunately, the stores revived, and as word of mouth spread, I expanded my partnerships!

Since each business has its own unique personality and menu, I worked hard to find suitable influencers, plan events, and create content tailored to each business to highlight their uniqueness. Thankfully, many people liked my content, and the businesses gradually improved. The achievement I'm most proud of is branding and marketing a brand called Gangnam BBQ and creating the best Korean BBQ in the LA/OC area in less than two years! Now, I've built a team, and we're all dedicated to marketing activities together.

We work really hard, and to this day, many business owners continue to create amazing stores with great visions and ideas. However, they struggle a lot because they lack knowledge of promotional strategies. That's why I work tirelessly, day and night, to provide the best service for them. Anyone who knows me knows that I truly love this business and give it my all.

My belief is to become a Koreatown marketing that can support all Korean communities in the U.S., reaching even those who don't know much about Korean culture with my content!

Thanks for reading this long message, Have a great day!

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